What is Artificial intelligence and what can it do? Julie McCall. Summer Conference 2024.

Julie McCall, Head of Academic Liaison, Coventry University.


Coverage in the media suggests AI is both an invaluable tool that will augment our lives and an existential threat. This is an introductory session, in which we will explore in layman’s terms how AI works, and explain the common jargon used. Then we will look at examples of the key types of AI we are likely to see in HE libraries. Finally, there will be an opportunity to explore some of the tools, thinking about how students might use them and the potential risks and threats particularly in relation to academic integrity.


Julie first became involved in Artificial Intelligence through her work with the Academic Integrity Group for Coventry University. As part of her role in providing guidance to staff and students, she undertook a research study on staff awareness of different AI tools and potential opportunities and threats. This then led to a presentation by Julie McCall and Lisa Ganobsik-Williams at EATAW conference 2023 on Creating Guidance for the Appropriate Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools by Student Writers and she is currently co-writing a book chapter based on ECIEA-2023 conference Consultation on student use of AI tools at a university in the United Kingdom.

Summer Conference 2024: Learn Long and Prosper

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