NHS HEI OpenAthens – training & support

How Can I Ensure I’m Up To Date With Developments And Hear About Training?

Simple: sign up for the lis-uhmlg-openathens mailing list.

Is There Any Training And Support Available?

Watch this video:

Fran Wilkie of NHS England talks through the administrator interface, and tune in at 34:48 to hear Alan Fricker of NHS England introduces the resources that your students will be able to access.

Alan’s slides are also available to download.

Use these helpful guides to the admin and the ersources.

NHS HEI OpenAthens Administrators: The UHMLG “how to” guide – available to download

NHS HEI OpenAthens resources : The UHMLG guide – available to download

Register your university for NHS HEI OpenAthens

Complete the online registration form.