Spring Forum 2022: Ramona Naicker: Critically Appraising for Antiracism

Ramona Naicker, Information Specialist (Evidence and Training Lead) at the Northern Care Alliance


Though the effects racial inequalities and institutional racism do creep into clinical research papers, this type of bias is rarely mentioned when teaching critical appraisal.  

In this session, we’ll have a look at how to identify racism in published research, and how I’ve been incorporating this, and a supplementary checklist, into critical appraisal teaching sessions.


Face and shoulders image of Ramona Naicker
Ramona Naicker

Ramona is an Information Specialist for the Northern Care Alliance in Manchester, where she leads on evidence searching, training and outreach. She enjoys getting involved in systematic reviews and critical appraisal, and is always looking to learn more about racial bias in healthcare research and medical education. Previously, Ramona’s roles included Outreach Librarian at Warrington and Halton Teaching Hospitals, and Senior Library Assistant at University of Oxford’s Bodleian Healthcare Libraries. When she’s not behind a laptop screen, Ramona attempts to spend as much time outside as possible, running or hiking. Though in rainy Manchester this has varying levels of success.

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