Developing an eLearning Module on Critically Appraising Antiracism: A Collaboration between Cardiff University and Ramona Naicker

2023 Spring Forum: Ramona Naicker, Lindsay Roberts, Delyth Morris, Sarju Patel


In response to the increasing importance of antiracism in medical education, and the need to appraise for racial bias in research as highlighted by Ramona Naicker, Cardiff University sought to create an eLearning module on critically appraising for antiracism for its undergraduate cohort. This session will bring together medical librarians Lindsay Roberts & Delyth Morris, and academic Sarju Patel from Cardiff University with Ramona Naicker (Medical Librarian, Monash University), to reflect on the challenges and outcomes of this project. The team will share their experiences and insights on the development process, as well as the impact of the eLearning module on students and faculty. This presentation will provide valuable information for those interested in incorporating antiracism into their medical education programs.