2020 Spring Forum

Systematic Reviews: Building Our Role & Expertise

UHMLG ran our annual Spring Forum as a fully online event on the 3rd of April, 2020. With a great line-up of speakers covering many aspects of creating and supporting systematic reviews, the conference was an invaluable event for health and medical librarians in higher education and the NHS across the British Isles.


Tips and Tricks of the Trade – Sharing and Remembering (Nearly) Everything About Systematic Review Searching – Judy WrightJudy Wright presents tips and tricks for keeping on top of the huge range of tools, resources and techniques for systematic review searching…
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Cochrane Crowdsourcing Challenge
– Anna Noel-Storr
Identifying RCTs can be time consuming, so in 2016 The Cochrane Collaboration starting using crowdsourcing to help them…
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LSHTM Systematic Review Support: Past, Present and Future
– Jane Falconer
A review of LSHTM systematic review reporting and literature search standards had some shocking findings. This talk outlines the review, and its consequences…
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Measuring the Systematic Reviews Support Provided by Librarians/Information Specialists at other Higher Education Institutions
– Andra Fry & Kevin Wilson
Interested in setting up a formalised systematic review service, LSE wanted to investigate the picture across the HE landscape…
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Improving Information Support Processes for Systematic Reviews at NICE
– Lynda Ayiku and Paul Levay
NICE does a great deal of work to support systematic reviews. Lynda and Paul discuss search filters, screening, text mining and much more…
CANCELLED: Unfortunately Paul & Lynda are unable to deliver their talk online. More detail of what Lynda and Paul would have talked about is available.
The Development of a Systematic Review Support Service at Cardiff
– Delyth Morris
Cardiff have been investigating how they can deliver support to systematic reviews – potentially making it income-generating…
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Shifting Sands: Maintaining Library Support for Evidence Syntheses at Bodleian Health Care Libraries
– Nia Wyn Roberts
In the past 20 years Oxford’s library support for their Medical Science’s Division has changed dramatically…
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Prize Draw

All delegates were entered in a free prize draw for one of five copies of Paul Levay and Jenny Craven’s “Systematic Searching: Practical Ideas for Improving Results“.

Book: Systematic Searching, Paul Levay and Jenny Craven