Spring Forum 2022: Hossam Kassem & Inga Jones: Accessibility at the Open University (OU) Library (Teaching and Training)

Hossam Kassem, Learning and Teaching Librarian, Open University ; Inga Jones, Learning and Teaching Librarian, Open University


During this session you will be introduced to what we do at the OU Library to ensure our teaching and training is inclusive and accessible to disabled students. The trainers will talk about accessibility at various stages of designing, delivery and post-delivery of training sessions. They will also briefly address how we test resources that are used in sessions and courses, as well as our work with publishers. They will share top tips on accessibility and links to useful resources.

While the talk will focus on online teaching, which is important at the OU, some of the topics we cover are also relevant in a face-to-face setting.


Photograph of Hossam Kassem
Hossam Kassem

Hossam Kassem has worked as a Learning and Teaching Librarian at the OU Library since March 2018.

He is an Academic Liaison Librarian covering STEM and Law. Hossam delivers online training sessions. He is also an Operational Lead for Accessibility at the OU Library.

Photograph of Inga Jones
Inga Jones

Inga Jones has worked as a Learning and Teaching Librarian at the OU Library since September 2021.

She is an Academic Liaison and Accessibility Librarian, and has previously worked in a school setting working with students with a wide array of learning disabilities.

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