Spring Forum 2022: Ioannis Vatis & Efterpi Emmanouilidou: How to Make Hybrid Teaching a Better Experience for You and Your Learners

Ioannis Vatis, Senior Learning Technologist, University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust ; Efterpi Emmanouilidou, Learning Technologist for University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust


Hybrid teaching is the use of technology to facilitate learning sessions that accommodate both remote and in-person learners. As the demand for online and remote learning increases, the demand for versatile learning modality is expected to increase as well. Through this session, we aim to show how to use simple tools and best practices to make hybrid teaching a better experience that removes headaches for instructors and makes learning engaging for learners regardless of their location.


Photograph of Ioannis Vatis
Ioannis Vatis

Ioannis Vatis is the Senior Learning Technologist for the TEL team of UHSussex. He has an extensive background in education as well as IT and technology.

Through his passionate enthusiasm for technology he aims to promote its use for education, primarily focusing on cutting-edge developments such as virtual reality and gamification.

Photograph of Efterpi Emmanouilidou
Efterpi Emmanouilidou

Efterpi Emmanouilidou is a Learning Technologist for UHSussex.

Her background is education-based as she has studied Primary Education in Greece but became passionate about learning technology when she followed a MSc in Educational Sciences in Utrecht and became involved with educational consultancy during the educationally challenging times of the pandemic.

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