Spring Forum 2024: Kari Morley: The Impact of AI on HE: What can libraries do to support students?

Kari Morley, Subject Librarian for Engineering, Built Environment, Computing & Business, Anglia Ruskin University


As the initial panic over how AI will drastically change education starts to calm down it’s now time to start thinking about the best ways we can help our students prepare to use AI effectively and ethically both in their studies and in their future careers. The aim of this talk is to provide a brief overview of the ways in which AI tools have changed the way education is being delivered and assessed, and also discuss what needs to be done in order to prepare students for their future careers and working with AI. Academic libraries have an opportunity to help students develop their human skills like critical thinking and problem solving so it’s time we started making plans for how to do that.


Kari Morley is Subject Librarian for Engineering, Built Environment, Computing and Business at Anglia Ruskin University. She first became interested in the use of AI in higher education and the impact it’s having on academic libraries and student behaviour at the start of 2022 following a tweet that got a little out of hand. She has spent the past year trying to raise awareness about AI to academic staff to help them understand its potential for supporting students as well as the issues and risks it brings.

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